Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vania G Barraza


My name is Vania; i grew up in Guatemala City "the country of the eternal spring" they called like that because thats the only season we get all year long. I went to law school in Guatemala and came to Boston like 4 years ago and transfer some of my law credits towards a bachelors degree in criminal justice here at Boston University. I am a senior planning to graduate next spring and im looking forward to go to law school next fall. I have a 2 years old daughter, who keeps me busy along with my 3 part-time jobs and school. Im honestly just taking this class to fullfill my last science requirement for graduation. I get very scared of any science courses because i am more of a social science person. I dont like beaches here at boston because i think the water is too cold for me to enjoy it.
In regards to our first assigment, this is what i observed: First i saw the water go all the way up to the top of the sink as the proffesor block the drain with his hand. I wanst able to see which way the water was draining at first and then i believed the water drain clockwise in both situations in the sink counter and in the toilet. I have never wonder why the water drains in a certain way or direction, so i research in google.com the following question: Why does water go down a drain counter clockwise and it sent me to a web page by the name of Everyday Mysteries (http://loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/coriolis.html). So, according to this page the way the water drains depends on how the water was introduce to the sink and the geometric structure of the drain. To answer to the question if i think water drains in sinks and toilets the same way in australia (clockwise) this same web page mentioned above, had the following information: You CAN find both counterclockwise and clockwise flowing drains in both hemispheres. According to this page the coriolis effects has nothing to do with the way the water drains in the sinks or toilets as other sources might say because this force is too weak to control such small bodies of water, one thing the coriolis force does affect is the hurracane air flow, which is different in each hemisphere. But according to a simpsons episode, Bart Simpson notices while in australia that the water in the sinks always drained couterclockwise and the sister Lisa explained to him that is due to the coriolis effect, which he didnt believe. I think based on what i read about the coriolis effect that this force does not affect small bodies of water as the ones in a sink.
Vania G. Barraza

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