Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

My name is Katie; I grew up south of Boston and now live just north of the city so I have spent my whole life here in Massachusetts. I work a full time job in HR information systems not far from school in Newton. I have always had an interest in the environment and keeping it clean but I know little about the ocean in comparison to some of the other students in this class. I took this class to gain that knowledge I am lacking and learn more about the clean up specifically that occurring here is Boston. Most of my family grew up in South Boston and the surrounding towns so my whole life I have heard the horror stories of the old harbor. I also need the science credit and like the idea of the 7 day course - as well as being outside rather than stuck in the classroom all semester.

During the experiment yesterday I was in the second group of students that witnessed the drain go counter clockwise and the toilet flush the opposite way. I did not find this too surprising as I assumed that the reason for the toilet flushing was the jets installed in the toilet, but I also did not have any reason or explanation as to way the sink water drained counter clockwise, or if either of these may change based on location. When I began to research this I found that toilets do flush based on the way the water is pushed into the toilet and that the size of the toilet can also effect it but I also found a theory that does suggest that given the right environment that a toilet may flush in opposite directions based on its location in relation to the equator - this is referred to as the Coriolan theory. Based on the information I read it is still a bit unclear if this has actually been proven but the logic behind it seems to make sense to me now. I found my information at http://www.discovery.com/area/skinnyon/skinnyon970523/skinny1.html

See you all on Friday,
Katie Concannon

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