Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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What's the difference between a Jazz musician and a Blues musician? A Blues musician plays three chords in front of a thousand people; a Jazz musician plays a thousand chords in front of three people. badump bump. I'm here for the next week try the haddock stay away from the veal. My name is Joe Santosuosso, I'm married to a wonderful gal and we are expecting our first baby September the second. We have a dog called daisy; my wife and daisy boss me around endlessly. I can’t wait for the baby so he can boss me around too. At least it won’t be two girls bossing me around.

I grew up next to a marsh, some of my fondest memories as a child have been in the marshes and low lying swamps in Saugus Mass. and the North Shore, I've moved around a lot living in California and New York. I have never been too far from the water always close enough that I could throw a stone to a river like the Hudson or an ocean like the Pacific in the few places I have lived. My wife is jealous as hell that I'm taking this class she has been sailing her whole life with her family and she loves the water. As for me, I’m not much of a sailor but love to sail. I like the water and one of my favorite beaches in the world is Cranes beach.

My observation of the sink was just the fact that I took everyone Else's word for it. They all said it was clockwise rotation. I have to say I was too far away from the sink portion of the experiment. As for the toilet part of the experiment I definitely saw the water moving in a clockwise fashion. From what I remember in my childhood recollections and various people’s opinion is that because we are on different sides of the equator and the spinning axis of the earth is why it spins in different directions.

After researching a bit you can view a pretty neat you tube video click here . Wow I found a very interesting article on the Guardian website whereas people had a lot of varying and legitimate ideas, you guys should check it out click here and here is an excerpt (taken without permission from Britannica) it actually says that at the bottom of the page about the cariolis effect click here There seems to be as many theories as there are people. So my final take on it is that it's an illusion and depending on the structure and the tilt of the bowl we can have different turning effects.

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Joseph Santosuosso

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