Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introduction/Water flow direction

Hi Class,

My name is Niurka De Leon but people usually call me Nikki. I am a senior at BU and hope to complete my degree requirements by the end of this year. This class was presented to me by my advisor who spoke greatly about it and highly suggested I consider it, to meet the requirements of the degree. She also said that everyone that takes it usually has wonderful things to say about it. She sold me on the idea, so here I am. As far as my sea escapades, I love the beach for personal pleasure specially the tropical island beaches, the sand, the clear blue water, the palm trees...you get the picture. I am looking forward to what appears to be an experience vs. a another class.

As far as the experiement goes, I saw the water twirl down in a clockwise direction. In researching this online the Coriolis effect kept coming-up in the articles I found, one in particular: http://ww.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=can-somebody-finally-sett . As far as I can tell this this is not a credible reason based on most arguments presented because the Coriolis effect has to do with "why things appear to speed or slow as the world spins out from under them." per discover.com article "The Skinny on Why toilet Bowl Water Twirls Clockwise". The argument kept coming-up that the water twirls differently in the northern vs. southern hemisphere. I personally don't believe this is true because I cannot find credible information to suggest that it is.

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