Saturday, July 31, 2010

General Observations: Day 3

Hello Everyone,

Today was a great class. It was beautiful day out and the weather was perfect. We started our day as a class taking a tour of the docks of Boston Harbor. Along the way we observed different spots of the pier. Our first spot that we stopped at (the side of a dock along a wall) proved very interesting. While I was there
I noticed at least three types of seaweed along the rocks and in the water. I also observed the water. The water looked fairly clean ( it was a 6 on a scale from 1-10). The water also had a thin layer of oil floating above it and a thin film of pollen. On our second stop of the Boston Harbor pier tour, our class got to observe a school of baitfish. I was fairly familiar with the minos as they are common around the places where I grew. I really enjoyed the walking tour today because it felt as if we were really immersed in our environment and had enough time to stop and carefully observe things living around us. Later on in the day, the class was assigned to look at the marine life around the docks of the Barking Crab. Honestly, I really enjoyed learning what was lurking beneath the water and enjoyed gaining a better understanding for my surroundings and Boston’s intertidal ecosystem. I am excited for what tomorrow’s class will bring!

Hilary Katulak

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