Friday, July 30, 2010

First day

Hi ya'll,
I just need to comment firstly on how gorgeous today was! What a day to be out on a boat cruising the habah! It was great to see the maps that I'd been looking at for the last couple days spring to life in front of me. I wasn't able to recall many of the names (besides deer island) but that should come with time. The land masses didn't intrigue me today as much as the channels did and the way the captain navigated between the islands. Having never driven a boat outside of lakes I'm curious as to the nautical rules and regulations used to navigate the channels and how similar or different they are from the laws that govern new hampshire boating. It makes me want to try and get my captains license and bring my boat down to harbor and learn how to do it myself.
Far be it from me to say I am above toilet humor, but I did not think I would enjoy learning about the history of our waste management as much as I did. It's fascinating; especially the politics. I am glad to see there are causes in which political parties can put their agendas aside and work together (or at least both agree that its worth it to pay someone else to do it). Not that it didn't come without effort. Forcing developers to stop building inside the 128 belt is a mindboggling decree. The economic impact of that order affects the land developers to the foremen to the laborers to the lunchcart guys who feed them and the bartenders who serve them after a long day of work. That's a lot of people!
I'm looking forward to getting dirty tomorrow with all of you and really start getting into studying marine life. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful night!

-Andrew R. Comenzo

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