Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 2

Today was a good experience, very educational, fun, and to top it all off, i was in good company. Although i have been living in Boston, MA for what seems like a life time, I felt like a tourist today because i was exposed to and learned so much in a short period of time. Being on the boat, getting a view of the Harbor from the top deck while soaking up the sun and feeling the wind blow through my hair made today a good one for me. I appreciated Professor Berman spelling out in great detail to the class the Harbor's history in how it went from being one of the filthiest harbors, graduating to being one of the cleanest. When the class was asked the other day if we counted ourselves as an environmentalist, i didn't see myself as such until today when i was shocked and a bit repulsed by the litter, and trash floating in the water. The shape of Hull was a site to see but I became impressed by the wind mills specifically because I've learned they power the entire city. Lastly, i was taken back by the idea that a plant which contains the city's waste rested near by a residential area. i was even more shocked by the fact that the air was not polluted with an expected, unwanted smell. Overall, today was an eventful day.

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