Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Oh, this is harder then it seems but here goes. My name is Cinthia and I am 31 (soon going to be 32 by 8/15) I have lived in boston for about 4 years persuing a psych degree for just about the same amount of time. I have in ca through my younger years, in az for about 10 years and now here.
I have 5 sisters and one brother, oh and please do not feel bad for my brother he thinks he is jebus ( gods gift to us)
I took the class because I needed a science course and the counselor said I would have funa nd enjoy myself in this course. I hope she is right! I do love the ocean consdering I am a california girl!

When the water started to drain there was a small funnel now it did seem to go at first counter clock wise.The funnel would disappear in and out but it finally started to go clockwise. The toilet just went clockwise.

The consensus for the way in which the water flows in austrilia is the same as here but the only reason it may seems different is the shape of the toilet and way the water is flushed in.

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Science made simple

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