Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hi everyone,

My name is Sabrina. I’m a rising senior at Tufts University and I’m a clinical psychology major. I’m taking this class because I’ve always loved the ocean (I dreamed about being a marine biologist when I was little) and yes, I need a science credit to graduate. I grew up in a suburb fifteen minutes outside Boston. I have four siblings, including a twin brother. I used to spend my summers on the ocean in mid-coast Maine, where my family has a house. Now I try to get up there for a few weeks every summer. The picture above is of me and my twin brother Owen on one of our boats in Maine. In Maine I canoe, kayak, sail, fish, and go out on our lobster boat. I am terrified of jellyfish because one time I had a really painful encounter with one, but whales are my favorite animals of all time. I have my scuba diving license and have gone diving in places like Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas, Bermuda, and the Galapagos islands (my favorite). I’m excited to explore the Boston Harbor because although I’ve lived here my whole life I haven’t been around there much. I love going out to islands in Maine and am looking forward to seeing the islands around here. Besides the ocean, I also like skiing, soccer, traveling, and photography. Thanks, and see everyone in class!

As for the experiment:

When I went to the bathroom, I could not see the water drain from the sink, but everyone said that it went down clockwise. I did test the toilet for myself when the crowd cleared and it definitely flushed clockwise. If I could do it again, I would definitely observe the sink draining myself. I had heard before that toilets flush in the opposite direction in Australia, but I thought that it was a myth. Before I researched the question, I thought that the direction that water flows down a toilet depends on which direction the water comes from when you flush. As for the sink, I wasn’t so sure what would determine how it drained.

I went on to do some research here: http://www.discovery.com/area/skinnyon/skinnyon970523/skinny1.html. This website seemed reliable to me, because it is run by the discovery channel. The website confirmed that the way a toilet drains is determined by the direction that the water flows out below the rim of the toilet bowl. Toilets are way too small  to “exhibit Coriolan tendencies.” Apparently, “it takes a mass of air many miles in diameter to demonstrate the toilet twirl.” So I would say that yes, some toilets spin the same way in Australia as the one in the girls bathroom. Some don’t, because the water comes from a different direction underneath the toilet rim. It depends solely on the way that the toilet is built. The same goes for the sinks. I believe that the direction a sink drains depends on various factors, like if the sink bowl is slightly tilted in one direction or if the water is moving before one opens the drain. 

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Lily Rose said...

"but whales are my favorite animals of all time."
Watching whales in their own environment is a unique experience..