Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday July 31st, 2010.

Got to the harbor early (like and hour) i was so scared i wasnt going to make so i gave myself some lost time. 8:00 AM- Everything was so quiet and peaceful outhere defenetely a good place to relax and sit on the benches and enjoy the beautiful view. I saw people just running with their dogs, or reading the paper, etc..Almost every person around me was drinking coffe (hot coffee by the way). The weather temp around 62 degrees, water looked really calm no much waves or wind. the water seem a color greenish even thou when i looked at my pictures it looks sky blue (?) On the seashore i saw very little evidence of human use (couple plastic bags, a plate -which i found out the proffesor put in there on purpose-). The water didnt seem appealing for a swim due to the fact that i saw a lot of sea plants in it. There were two different kinds, which ill discuss in more detail later in this blog.
8:40 AM- Definetely a lot more people and movement of tourists of all ages. Not that quiet anymore!
10:15 AM- We walk on the edge of the harbor, the tide was as low as it can get. The water had pollen and oils in it. As i stated before there was evidence of human use and some white pearly inside shells. The habitat showed birds but no fish at all. Te water was mostly clear, in a scale from 1-10 we gave it a 5. Against the tide i observed a green mussy stuff and undearneath it some black branch like plant with movement to it. I noticed the same plant that was against the wall was inside the water, it seemed the water pushes the plants towads the tide and it dryes in there. Once they dry the color changes. The black branch like plant i saw was color brown inside the water and the green stuff has movement to it inside the water and the shore because water is constantly touching it, but against the tide is a lighther green without any movement to it. There was also another species againt the tide and in the water named barnicles.
11:23 AM- Walk to other part of the harbor were we spotted some little fishes named silver fish "shinners" a lot of them. In this spot the tide was very high and we spotted some green seaweed in the tide and only a little amount of black/brown plant things in the water. Hypothesis: It was less green and blackish branch like plants because of the shade that the building behind it produces.
12:00 PM- We went to do our more detail research behind the docks at the barking crab restaurant. We separated in groups and i observed the ecosystem in the right side of the dock.
Right side- had a lot of romained lettuce like plants, very nice color green and some dark brown ones. Observed a lot of mussels and other crustations growing on top of them with a lot of living mini insects living all around them, they were all different sizes some open and some close. The mussels were surronded by something that look like a muddy plant and some had a mustard color type of sponge.
Definition of species: A class of individuals having some common characteristics or qualities: distinct sort or kind. Source:

Identification of the species we observed.

  1. Animals (4). - Skeletal shrimp like thing- Long-horn Skeleton shrimp-: A redish color creature, which habitat is on seaweeds, it was seen inside the water against the tide line, slender, very small in size; -Shellfish (Mussels) -Californian Muscle-: The mussel were surrounded by brown mud and a mustard colo type of sponge with a lot of mini mussels eroded, very abundant and it seem to be the home for some wormlike creatures; - Flowerlike animals- Orange sheat tunicate- Color orange, small size, found agaisnt the tide, seems to have tentacles like open bumps; - Crabs- Commensal Crab-Had 4 legs, 2 pinchers, the color was kinda transparent/beige, the size was a couple inches long, the description in our guide is very similar to my observation and accordingly to the guide ranges in massachusets.
  2. Plants (3). - Green like Seaweed- Sea lettuce (Source: A plant that looked like a pice of lettuce, found attached to a dock in the boston harbor, a very bright green color like, once outside the color the color changes to a darker green, the edges are ruffled-Black branch like seaweed-Rockseaweed (Source: - This sea plant on the water has a brownish color and gets black once it dries out, i look it up at google as rock seeweed because we found it against the rocks of the tide, the fronds can get very long but in my source it said its usually color green, which here is not the case!! - Barnacles-Northern Rock Barnacle-They were all along the tide on the boston harbor 1st stop today according to the hitchhikers in the most common barnacle in new england, and it has a hard surface. -Green Fleece Alga- The green alga that we found in our first stop in the harbor it was in the water and it looked like finger like branched alga. It was attached to a tube- which its a hard surface.
  3. Daisy things (2) - Pacific Star Tunicate- Its looks of very soft consistency and like inside it, it has mini orange/yellowish flowers, just like the one in the pic of the guide book (image no. 120), but once i read the range of this stars it says N. California to S. California, which confused me, so because of that range i might said its a Golden star tunicate with the range in the guide coincides with where we found it.
OMG i cant belive how long it took me to finish this blog, so hard to identify creatures that ive never seen before and i dont know their names to be able to find them, thousands of pics to look up online!
See you!

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