Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Harbor Class Ted Williamson bathroon experiment observation

Here is my observation of the infamous "bathroon experiment"

"The Sink"


-The lighting was good

-Standing in the back to allow shorter people in front

-About 1 gallon of water filled in sink then drained

-Water flow drained slowly and appeared to drain clockwise

"The Toilet"


- Lighting was not as good

- I was up front as I was chosen as the person to flush for my team (lucky me)

- Approx 5 gallons of water in toliet

- Water flow was fast and was confident the water went clockwise (unitl I did it again at home..) I could not help it, I had to test again. It went counter clockwise - Wierd!


I like most people had the thought that water went in a different direction noth of the equator than south of the equator based on the gravitational pull of the earth. I looked up a few websites and confirmed that the "coriolis effect" did determine that a smaller conatiner of water, like a sink, would be influenced by the gravity pull of the earth. But the tolet was different.

This website explained it the best:


It explained that water from a toilet flowed differently because of the force from the water water flowing into the toilet under the rim was greater than the "coriolis effect". I assume this would be the case in Australia as well.



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