Friday, July 30, 2010

It's good to be the captain - Matan Bareket.

Which is probably the most important fact I learned today.

But seriously, today I learned an important lesson, a lesson usually not learned under standard curriculum. I want to think that there is more to the university experience other than sitting in classroom and hearing a professor read from a book, because honestly, I can and do so by myself. What I learned today cannot be learned from Wikipedia, a book or Fox news, it also cannot be easily articulated in a blog post.

It's not about how the movement to save the harbor started, because that can be found online. It's not how water is transported to a treatment plant and cleaned, because i'm sure that's out there too. It's not the history of Quincy harbor either. It's not even the experience of being there. It's involvement.

I said it's hard to articulate it but i'll try, by involvement I meant that at one point today, and I feel confident enough to speak for the majority of the class, that we all cared today. We all wanted to make sure that the harbor stays clean, we all wanted to win this fight, we were all disgusted by the sins of our fathers. (You are welcome to disagree or not care.)

At the first day we were asked how many of us are Environmentalists, and it was agreed upon that we all are, but today maybe we're just a little more.

I think the goal today was not to learn to recognize Deer Island by sight, or see the various locations that we might have noticed in our maps, or learn about how clean the harbor islands are, or know how to get to the Marriott on time. It's all of them, and more. For me it was involvement, and judging by the other blog posts that are up, each person learned something different. For me, this is the highest form of education.

I also uploaded pictures from today to Picasa, you can find the pictures at:
One thing to notice: All these pictures are taken on my iPhone, not because I don't have a camera but because it automatically geotags the pictures. If you don't know what a Geotag is, basically when you take a picture it saves the location the picture was taken using the built in GPS, in turn you can see exactly where we were when these pictures were taken.
(I have to admit, my GPS was turned off for part of the day, thats why some of them were not geotagged.


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Copley Square News said...

yea, I agree Matan this is joe, This class has helped me in ways of collaborating with people I probably would not have spoke to in a regular class. Only because I'm a little quiet ordinarily. I got to speak with you and we found the holes in the shells. ohh wait, what appeared to be shells, actually they were a brown, banded shells with a clyndrical hole in them "my hypothesis is that a small predatory animal latches on and burrows a hole. I'm working on it". My group has been very nice too. It's nice to discover life with people than destruction.
peace out brother
Joe santosuosso