Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 6: Spectacle Island? ...Not so much.

I titled this blog post "Day 6" but that was just for the sake of consistency with my previous blog posts. The real reason for this blog, as Professor Berman mentioned the last day of class, was to give our comments on the class and our overall experience. To be honest, this post is really bittersweet for me. While I am just as excited as everyone else to complete the course and carry on with the summer, I still really enjoyed this course and the new friends I met through it and would rather have not had to say goodbye so soon. I would like to give a personal thank you to Professor Berman.
Thanks to you I now not only know more about the clean-up of the harbor as well as the process of the clean-up, and the marine life in the different tidal zones of the harbor, as well as which were native or invasive creatures--and how those invasive creatures got here and how they can really alter our environment and landscape, and the different (and number of) islands in the harbor, how to draw a good map of the harbor, the different parts of a striped bass, what types of bait striped bass eat and the real debate going on today concerning striped bass and the commercial & recreational fishermen, the limitations and dangers of overpopulation, I certainly know how much credit everyone should give to the original scientist-marine-life-identifiers before the days with pictures and guidebooks, and I also know to stay true to my observations, but be prepared and open to the idea of altering my theories. Oh and I know where to get a good bite of seafood on the harbor too. Somehow within a 6 1/2 day period you were able to teach myself and my peers all that information. It is quite a feat and I think everyone owes you another round of applause.
I should also thank you for making me--as my little cousins describe it--the "coolest cousin ever!" to go with to the beach. Haha I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing that kind of reaction from their younger family members.
This class was more work than I was expecting to be honest--and I don't mean that I expected it to be easy or a light work load, but I mean that I thought I would have an easier time doing the work. However, some of the assignments, like identifying the different creatures under the dock and drawing a map of the harbor, proved to be more challenging than I anticipated. Overall, the class was intense, I did learn a great deal while making new friends and sharing many good laughs, and I am so proud to have been apart of the whole experience.
To all of my classmates and to my professor, I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with many laughs and much joy. It was pleasure to have met you all.


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Janelle B. said...

Also referring back to the title of my blog post, I am really excited to go to Spectacle Island and will be sure to take pictures of my finds and share them with those of you still checking the blog. Wish me luck!