Friday, July 29, 2011

Whale Watch at Stellwagon

Whale watch
The whale watch was a great experience to get beyond the inner harbor and into Stellwagon bay. It took the boat approximately an hour to get out to our observation location. The boat was moving very quickly and on the way I noticed a kite fisherman, he had a kite in the air and apparently as a classmate explained lures that lay on the waters surface rather than the traditional way of doing it.

I wonder what its like to be fishing with a boat so low to the water and being right up next to a breaching whale. It would be a spectacular view. The air got chilly and I went downstairs while we waited to get to our destination. Once we got there I got a great spot on the first level although some of the other passengers were very tall I still could get a great view of the each whale as it came into view.

I got really excited when you could see the white part just below the surface and know that in a few moments it will be coming up into better view. I kept my camera in my bag for awhile because I knew I would miss a lot just trying to get the best shot so I focused more on what I could see. I definitely noticed the differences on the bottom side of the tail fin.

I was shocked that we got to see them swimming and diving together in a group of three. I thought that was a unique sight also getting to see the whale breaching it was really amazing I have never seen anything like that in person. It was a really wonderful day and I look forward to getting into the paper and better developing my stance on sustainable populations vs. economic gains... It really does take some thought to separate your own values for everything and everyone involved and how to come to terms with the two.


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