Friday, July 29, 2011

No regrets

Here's a confession: From Snails to Whales wasn't my first choice actually. I had signed up for travel writing but was later informed by the school that the course was cancelled because of the departure of the lecturer. I was told to find a replacement course. I went through the course website and finally decided on From Snails to Whales for several reasons: it fits perfectly into my travel schedules; field work seems interesting; and most importantly, I have never attended a course in marine science, as schools in Singapore usually offer the more popular and practical course degrees such as finance, law and business administration.

Now that we have come to the end of the course, I wish to declare loudly that I have no regrets signing up for this 'second choice'. Indeed, it has taught me much about marine animals, the issues on environmental and wildlife protection, the ongoing tension between commercial and recreational fishermen that I might never know because of this course as I don't fish, as well as honed my observation and critical thinking skills. I do not have to be a marine biologist, but I definitely could still apply the skills learned in life and other areas.

Boston Harbor is a place worth visiting. I will bring my friend who is coming from Singapore tomorrow to Long Wharf and be Prof Berman No. 2, pointing out the unique marine organisms that one can find at the docks. By the way, the Barking Crab restaurant is a serendipitous discovery for me because of this course. I also saw on Man vs Food program yesterday that it is well known for its clambake. You should see us there next week!

Finally, I would like to convey my thanks to Prof Berman and all my classmates for making this intensive six-day course an enjoyable and memorable one. They have certainly made me love Boston even more. My well wishes to everyone in summer class 2011. Goodbye!

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