Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day one at Boston Harbor

Hi Everyone!

I know all of you must be tired as I am, but enthusiastic about out next session. Today I experienced the beauty of nature through several well-maintained Boston Islands; off course the credit goes to people who helped preserve the Boston Harbor/Bay. It was very hot today, kind of reminded me of Karachi, Pakistan where the weather is usually like this for 9 out of 12 months so I should not be complaining. However, I did get chance to see the Quincy Market because of our class for which I would be coming back now and then.

Our class met at the Star Bucks in Marriot Long Wharf Hotel, and from there we moved as a group to catch the boat which departs from Boston to Quincy at 1:45 PM. Meanwhile, I would like to thank Prof. Berman who bought tickets for all of us. On our way to Quincy we saw many islands whose names were easy to guess such as Long Island, Moon Island and Spectacle Island. Professor kept telling us in detail about the brief history of different Islands. The one that I really liked from the outside was Castle Island. Nevertheless, I am very excited about our class trip to Georges, Spectacle and Lovell’s Island as I have never been to any of them. The water in Boston is unbelievably clean and I was awestruck by the fact that during the rain storm last month there was no discharge what so ever in the Boston Harbor. This statement alone can justify that Boston has cleanest beaches in the country. Prof. also told us that how people who live along the coastline have been living there for years, while the real estate prices fluctuated and eventually went down the drain everywhere else, it would still cost around 1 million for a house by the beach.

I am looking forward for our next class on the dock. I hope that sun would have some mercy on us tomorrow. I also wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took.

Prof. Berman telling the story of his favorite, Canadian student from Syracuse University.

Prof. explained that if the algae are wet it means there is high tide and if it is dry that means tide will rise or is low. P.S. I was paying attention to what was in the water.

Finally a beautiful view of the Boston Harbor

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