Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself then. I'm Amichai, and I'm 32 years old. I took what my wife calls the "scenic rout" to higher education, and I'm starting my senior year this fall, while applying for grad schools. I study philosophy, which means I usually don't get to do "hands on" things in school. That's my main reason for choosing this class as my science requirement- if I must go out of my comfort zone, at least it'll be for something *completely* different. It also seemed like a great way of getting to know a part of Boston that remained closed to me so far. I grew up in Israel, in Tel-Aviv, so the beach was a constant presence in my life, though less for swimming and more for walking and see-gazing. It is one of the only forms of romanticism that I allowed myself, and I miss it dearly.
But that is a side benefit after all. The most important thing is that right now I do not know too much about what we are going to do and learn, and I cannot wait for this experience to become concrete, and for the joy of getting to know something new.

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