Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Andrew Fay

Hello Everyone,

I look forward to taking this class as I have been taking classes at B.U. that deal with Boston and the surrounding areas. I am a life long resident of the Boston area and have been gratified to see the city and its harbor come back from the brink of destruction over the years. It is because of people like ourselves and our Professor who will learn what needs to be done and pass along what we have learned so the future will be a bright and clean one.
I am not so much of a salt water person as I am a river, streams and waterfall person. I enjoy going to the mountains (especially Vermont) and swimming in water that has just come off the mountains. I enjoy the peacefulness and the tranquility it provides me and my family. I work in the city so it's always nice to getaway and commune with nature. I believe this class will do the same for me as well as teach me a few things about this great city.

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