Monday, August 1, 2011

On our 5th day we went whale watching. We left from the Long Wharf Harbor at 10:00am. As we walked to the boat we saw that the water was at full tide. We arrived at the boat "Nora Victtoria" we boarded and we set out to the waters near Province Town in hopes to view the whales. These whales are monitored and named by a conservationist group. We reached the area were the waters were around one thousand feet deep we slowed down. Not long after the engines quited the citings began. I saw three whales swimming together and then dove under in sequence. Their names were Percy, Cajin and Juviette. The conservationists said that three whales together was a very rare site. She also told us how the whales were named "by their markings". These markings are also the way they tell the whales apart.

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