Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4 - Striped Bass Expirement.

The Striped Bass is a magnificent fish, inside and out, not to mention tasty! One of the many reasons why it is important for everyone to come to an understanding in maintaining a positive sustainable population of this wonderful fish, regardless of which side of the fence you're on, otherwise, there may not be many left?

Today's class we observed professor Berman dissect, explain and fillet a pretty decent sized Striped Bass.

We learned how professor Berman caught his Striped Bass, what they eat and a little bit about their habitat.

We learned how to tell the age of a Striped Bass, by looking closely at the rings on its scale and observed the anatomy of the Striped Bass as it was being dissected.

More importantly we learned how to prepare and eat one!

Professor Berman was generous enough to provide us with some take home, "raw stuff" and have as prepare it and share it on this blog. I kept it very simple and it came out great! Here's what I did:

First seasoned it with some Portuguese Olive oil, (Victor Guedes brand) then added a bit of salt, black pepper. Heated up some extra virgin oil on a frying pan seen. Cooked it on high for a few minutes. Next, I served with some lettuce, 2 tomatoe slices and a thin slice of red onion, with some Balsamic Vinegar (Rozzano of Modena brand) on the side (very yummy) and some wasabi coated peas (not bad also!). Have to say it, it was pretty good. Thanks!

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