Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kathy Geoghegan-Barek

Anatomy of a Striped Bass

The Fish

Female Striped Bass

Approximately 35 pounds

Caught in Charlestown Marina

< 24 hours post mortem


The class examined the exterior of the fish. The animal had 8 fins totals. On the top of the fish were two dorsal fins, one of which had a sharp edge. Near the gills were the 2 pectoral fins, one on each side of the animal. The fins we didn’t identify in class are called the pelvic fins. There were 2 of these located on the bottom of the animal in the front. There was also the anal fin and the tail.

We examined some scales that had been removed. They were transparent with marking on them that reveals the age of the fish. We examined the mouth of the fish; the teeth were soft. We were told that the fish crushes his food more than chews it and that we could expect the contents of the stomach to contain somewhat whole pieces of food.

Then we cut the fish open. The fillets are made of muscle tissue. The organs were enclosed in a sac. We were able to indentify the stomach, intestines, spleen, and liver within the sac. The stomach was cut open and revealed that the fish had recently eaten a crab. When the air bladder was broken one member of the class comment they could actually feel the air come out. When the eye was removed from the socket we saw that it was fairly large and round. Some of us tried to find the heart, but we weren’t able to. I found a diagram on the web that shows where a fish heart should be

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