Tuesday, July 19, 2011

E R Fay


As a child I spent summers at our cottage on the south shore of MA. I spent hours each day in the water or at the water's edge. As an adult I swim in the Mad River in VT's Green Mountains. I have always loved the water and I have also always loved Boston. This course seemed like a good way to enjoy and learn more about both. It came highly recommended as a way to earn a quick four credits in a highly diverting way. For me it seemed like a great way to go out to play during a few work days.

Having grown up here (Milton) I can remember when the Boston Harbor was in disgraceful condition. It was a polluted, embarrassing place that was often the butt of jokes. Having heard for several years that the days of filthy water were behind us, I am eager to see the changes first hand and with an experienced eye to point out the subtleties I may not have noticed on my own.

While I am not very enthusiastic about some aspects of the course like blogging publicly and death by Power Point presentation, I am very excited by the prospect of learning more about the ocean that surrounds the city that is my home. I am ready and willing to dive into the experience, whether that entails mud, water or fish guts.


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