Monday, July 18, 2011

Poh Lay Tan

While most undergraduate students usually can't wait to throw away their books and dive into the corporate world, I decided to throw away my paychecks and pick up a textbook again after working in the corporate communications field for 7 years to learn something new and enrich my life. I am now on a career break, so I am taking this course on a non-degree basis. Well, I am on a break, remember? After the course, I will be travelling around, covering the southern part of the US, South America, North America and Taiwan, before returning to Singapore, an island country which I call home.

I am a scuba diver; I have had the wonderful opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks in Maldive and snorkel with dolphins in Malaysia. Nurse sharks, black-tipped and white-tipped sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, eagle rays, triggerfish, lionfish, pufferfish and so on, are new words that I have learned ever since I took on diving. Marine life is so diverse that it is sort of a mystery to me. I hope to delve into the unknown, pick up some knowledge, as well as play a part in the public education effort by being a student in this course about marine science.

I am ready to jump on the boat and get my hands wet and dirty. Boston Harbour, here I come!

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