Friday, July 22, 2011

Harbor Tour 7/22

Today we enjoyed a trip around the inside of the harbor islands. It was nice to feel the temperature change on the water but even better was noticing the differences between the closer man-manipulated islands to the more natural ones (like it could have been before we started industrializing.) The ones we constructed, such as spectacle which now looks like it does because it was filled in with land from the big dig. The observations I made of the shores of the man made islands were that they were chiseled and definitely made with purpose, the rocks were angular and brick like. The vegetation on the shoreline of the islands closest to the mainland seemed mostly to be made of grass with no beach except on spectacle there was a small area with sand.

The outer islands had a lot of grass and mixed brush and I think trees, I should have taken pictures. The inner islands had scattered small shrubs. The shoreline in the outer islands had a very slow incline up to the grass line where the sand met the water.

I only observed one cluster of birds apparently feasting on 7ft fish thought that last part wasn't part of my own conclusions. I didn't see anything at all beneath the birds even the Cormorant in the wharf, apparently was there fishing.

I loved Hull island, with the little church and the dock nearby. It looked like a fun place to explore, and the abandoned asbestos park. So many interesting stories and histories.

I remember growing up knowing it was a bad idea to touch the water, it was almost a sick source of pride, I guess it was the only way to deal with the embarrassment. Now people can look at our city and the harbor with pride.

The cleaning of the bay and harbor has really helped this city so much with the increase of jobs and industry on the wharf. I also noticed that everyone involved in the islands that I have encountered so far have shown respect and care in terms of maintaining not only the beauty but also the health of the bay.

I was surprised no seagulls were swarming the boat but was also grateful.
See you in the AM.


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