Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 22 boat tour

Friday's boat tour took place on a day that broke the all time high temperature record in Boston. Not necessarily something to shoot for when walking around in a big city. I have often been to Boston's waterfront and even been on the harbor tours but never have I had the opportunity to stand in a public lobby in Quincy and be a pellet maker, turning out re purposed human waste. Believe it or not that was not the high point of the day.

While it was sweltering it was an enjoyable experience. We left from the wharf and made a few stops, all the while being reminded to appreciate the long fought and hard won battle that was the salvation of Boston Harbor. The Deer Island Treatment Plant is something I have only caught glimpses of in the past. To really learn what happens there and the impact that it has upon my standard of living was eye opening. Should I fall into the Harbor now I no longer need to run screaming toward the decontamination shower and tetanus shot. That is an improvement of some magnitude. Since we all seem to appreciate the Simpsons show, remember the image of the three eyed fish down stream from Mr. Burns plant? That is what we thought would befall anyone with the misfortune of falling into the Boston Harbor when I was a kid.

I appreciated that the group had several points of view from which to approach this trip and Boston. It was fun to see bystanders enter the conversation. Seeing seals lazing on rocks was picturesque as was the view of Boston's skyline from the boat. Castle Island to me, is usually just Southie, but to others on that boat it was intriguing. The trip was enjoyable and enlightening.

Oh yeah, the high point of my day? Those few minutes on the way to Quincy when the air cooled off so much that it felt wonderful and the view was so beautiful and the water smelled as it should, that I truly took a moment just to savor that feeling and be happy to live where I do.

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