Monday, July 25, 2011

Exploring George’s & Lovells’ Islands - Day 3

Day 3 started out with the group meeting at Marriott Long Wharf, where we got on a boat and headed out to George’s Island.

A magnificent and enchanting place filled with history and ghost stories. Here we were told by the park ranger on location the story on the "lady in black."

George’s Island is home to Fort Warren, which according to was “a Civil War-era fort known for its graceful granite archways and reputed ghost, the lady in black.” This place provided some spectacular views of the harbor and surrounding landscapes, including where we would be heading next Lovells Island, located at relatively close proximity to George’s Island. I was surprised with the general infrastructure here, the facilities of George’s Island, museum, comfortable café chairs and the Adirondack Chairs. It certainly made for a comfortable outdoor class, considering the fair weather.

Further into our journey was beautiful Lovells Island. We arrived here shortly after 11:40 a.m. and met up with ranger “Red” at the Gazebo. They call this area an information station for the Island. Then we proceeded to examine the wildlife and begin our work in the tidal pools. This was great timing considering the tide was pretty low at the time, which would give us a great advantage in looking at the intertidal animals and plant life present. There were various species here, some not so easy to “catch” or even snap a photograph of, case in point the “baby lobsters” swimming near our feet underwater and the creepy, fast worm that got away from me and some classmates! Others were fun to catch and look at.

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