Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dock Trasact Day 2

Today was a much pleasant day than yesterday. There was a scattered thunderstorm and luckily I was the only one who brought an umbrella. However, I was also the only one who was late and was horrified when professor said now everyone has to take the quiz. So, we started the day with the Bio-diversity in the ocean, and how the amount of nutrients in the water determines it. The three main elements found in water are nitrogen, potassium, calcium, which mostly comes from sewerage, and they are critical for biological process.
Next we went to the floating barge where we obeserved seaweed on the rocks, upper intertidal or
periwinkle zone, irish moss, algae and kelp. Then we moved forward no towards the inner harbor where there were no seaweed, due to the lack of sunlight, less nutrients in water because of less human activity, finally waves hit directly here so its hard for seaweed to survive here.
From there we proceeded to four point channel and federal court house. Then professor took us to the braking crab dock where we spent a lot of time examing the marine life. I saw species that I would never see otherwise if it was not for this class. Meanwhile, Professor caught Herring and baby mackerel. I was glad that we let them go again in water only for the bigger stripped Bass to eat it. We also managed to draw as we observed and did pretty good. After the class was done we called it a day with lunch at the Barking Crab as per Professor's recommendation and it was absolutely delicious.
See you all tomorrow, I hope the weather is nice so we all can actually go into the tidal pool.

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