Friday, July 22, 2011

Today was amazing. 2 of my classmates and myself made it within 3 minutes of take off from the Long Wharf for a tour of the islands. We would have been so disappointed had we missed that good time! Despite the swelting heat in the city, it was the opposite on the boat. With the professor pointing out the different islands our heads would turn from side to side taking in the magnificient view and short history. I just never knew that part of Boston existed. It was like watching a documentary of some Caribbean island on tv. From what I observed, The islands are each unique with their differences in shape and size. Some of the islands also have funny names like Moon Island, Deer Island and Spectacle Island, to name a few. I visited Hull once, and I never imagined that connection. According to Professor Berman, the Harbor used to be a tangled mass of toxic waste and today can boast that it is one of the nations' cleanest, thanks to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay cleanup project. People now fearlessly use the beaches and the islands for recreation, ocean life is back to normal, while marine life exists as it should.. I also observed a very interesting bridge which I hope I will not have to run accross in my dreams tonight. I can't wait to explore.

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