Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kathy Geoghegan-Barek

If you have to be out in 100 degree temperatures, the best place to do it is on a boat on the Boston Harbor.

Although we only got a brief glance of each island as the boat past by, it was clear these island all had their own character. Most of the islands offer green space and recreational opportunities, but one island really stood out for me, Deer Island. The water treatment facility gives the island a very different look from the others . One might think of it as a work of modern art, both visually and functionally.

At one point in my career I did some work that involved bioreactors and knew how challenging it was to run them at the 2000 liter scale, so when I saw the scale of the egg shaped containers I was impressed with the engineering that keeps this facility running on a daily basis.

It also reminded me of the stress that we humans put on our environment on a daily basis. Obviously the generation of human waste is something that can’t be avoided but there are other forms of waste stressing our environment, which could be reduced if we all make a conscious effort.

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