Friday, July 22, 2011


Temperatures soaring near 100 degrees, which many of us slightly did not seem to notice as much on our ride through the Boston Harbor Islands. What a fabulous expericence to see another side of Boston on the waters edge. Through theses eyes I saw a diversity of many the islands that surrounded the Boston Inner Harbor ( Moon, Spectacle and Georges Island Fort) where many of our troops were trained and it became a depot for the Confederate soldiers. It was an educational trip which showed me that if you want something done badly enough you design a plan and involve the community to help take responsiblity to see a well planned project take place from start to finish. Of couse, it may take many years to see the project completed, but by having these waters cleaned, it brought back the balance of the structure of Boston Harbor.

Many island had habitants around or on them. The homes were a beautiful site to see with there streamline designs that flowed over a wonder of a spectacular site that could have been taken from the page of the Architectural Design book. With many things to do at the Boston Harbor Islands', you can explore the natural environment and experiecne the fun of learning about one of the greatest tours that you will have with by planting a lasting picture in your mind forever for many years to come.

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