Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Day

I really enjoyed taking this class. We had a very diverse group and I got to meet many new people whom I enjoyed learning with. I have been and will continue to recommend this class to others. Living in Boston my entire life I never really knew what the boston harbor and Islands had to offer until now. Now I know it is rich in history and marine life. From now on anytime I go to the beach or am around the ocean I will know where to look for Mussels and periwinkles and everything else that is in or around the ocean. I will be able to name plants and animals that live in and on the beach. Not only did I learn about marine life but I also learned to tell the difference between belief and fact! I learned how to observe and make decisions on what I see rather than what I believe or what I hear. My favorite part of the class was traveling to the different islands and going whale watching. I am now able to draw a map of the Boston Harbor. I now know about the trouble that commercial and recreational fishermen face with the diminishing fish population. Overall i really enjoyed this class and I had a great experience and I owe it all to Professor Berman, Thank you.

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