Friday, July 29, 2011

A Great Group of Classmates

You enter a classroom and not knowing what to expect. Never knowing that you may have classmates that cause a lot of trouble or classmates that are one sided and do not what to work with you on any projects. They also seem to come up with excuses for everything. Not so in this class. They were all pleasant people. We had graduates and undergraduates that helped each other understand the science of this class with the help of Professor Berman. By having different opinions about the projects that were put before us, it gave everyone a good incite of what was involved in our work. Professor Berman was a joy. He told us to observe everything around us and not make quick judgements on what we see. We need to research and increase the knowledge that is in the brain and bring it out to a higher level. This was a very enjoyable class. By learning what is out there, I felt that my understanding and learning gave me a new incite to explore more. I hoping all my classes in the future are as fun as this one. Thanks.

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