Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday July 27/2011

In todays class first thing we did was take a midterm. We had four questions we had to answer. After finishing the midterm we got to relax for a little bit. From there we went over to 808 Com Ave and into the culinary kitchen. Professor Berman took out a 32-inch striped bass out of a cooler. He placed it down on two cutting boards and explained the body parts. I learned that striped bass have eight spines on the top of its body that allows the fish to move swiftly in the water, but also protects the fish from being eaten by predators because those spines get caught in the predator’s throat. I then learned that you could tell how old the fish was by looking at how many rings are on the scales. Striped bass have two pectoral fins on each side of its shoulders. It has two holes on the top of its mouth. The two holes appear to be where the fish take in oxygen through the water. I also learned that they have a total of eight fins. After seeing all of the fish body parts, professor Barman showed us how to fillet a fish. The way to do it is insert a hole by the head of the fish then slide the knife down the spine as close as possible and make sure not to cut the stomach. After we filleted the two sides of the fish the class examined the remainder of the fish while professor Berman got lunch ready for us. There were two different dishes of fish. One had raw black striped bass with garlic, a lot of lemon juice to preserve the fish, and hot peppers. The other dish was just plain raw black striped bass with had dipping sauces on the side. I tried the first dish and I was not a fan of it. I liked the way it was marinated but I didn’t like the texture of raw fish. After everyone finished eating the class was assigned into groups. Each group was assigned to play the role of commercial Fishermen, Recreational fishermen or a mixture of the two. The assignment was to work as a group and try to figure out and agree on a resolution for the dispute of Commercial fishing vs. Recreational fishing and trying to figure out a deal that will be fair for the two parties. Then we would have a debate about it. Overall it was a fun and interesting class and we got to learn about striped bass!

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