Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures taken at Georges and Lovell's Island

On our Way to the rocky shore at Lovell's Island
Blue and white mussel shell
Sea Lichen Bryozoan
Brown Rock weed
Enteromorpha or Green String Lettuce
Periwinkles attached to the rock
Green Crab not really green
Rock Crab relaxing
Green Crab

Brown Kelp
I could not figure this one out. i think it is Crumb of Bread Sponge
Atlantic Rock Crab

A Hermit crab at his best
A Hermit crab holding onto a periwinkle thanks for sharing Janelle
This one is for you David. A Scud
Fred.. the crab was mad at you for treating him like this.
Asian shore crab.. aggressive little fellow
Barnacles, periwinkles, slipper shells attached themselves to the blue mussel though its beard.
Moon shell and periwinkle snail attacked by the predator who sucked the life out of it.
Yellow-lipped snail
Grove snail close-up
Grove snail
Unripened blackberries

Snails business
Snails inter-winding

Snails that my class fellows found.. nice collection
Yellow- lipped and Grove snail at the Lovell's island

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