Thursday, July 28, 2011

On July 27, 2011 around11:30 AM our class met at 808, Common Wealth Ave, in Ever Green Culinary Arts Kitchen, where professor narrated the story of his catch, 10 ft below his boat from a night before. The Stripe Bass was fresh, because when we cut it open the blood was still coming out and the eyes were relatively bright. Let’s talk about the anatomy of the fish now, it seemed to be 30" long and 10" wide, symmetrical, silvery body with dark stripes, it weighed 35lbs and was 5 years old, estimation by looking at the rings on her scale, however it can live up to 30 years. Now a day’s price of Striped Bass per pound is $7.99 which made this catch worth more than $200. It had 8 fins, upon lifting the operculum we saw bright red gill plate which was soft to touch and had 8 total gills. Professor started filleting the fish his knives and we saw the white and pink flesh. Moreover, we also examined all the fish organs which were closed in a sack. First, we cut open its intestines, which is one way to determine fish's eating habits and we found pieces of crab in there. We also saw liver, kidney, air bladder, stomach, vent and spinal cord. One of our brave classmates popped the eye out from the eye socket, so he could find its brain and heart. Though it was one heartless fish (sigh) in the mean time, professor marinated the fish fillet in lemon juice, cilantro, green and red pepper, and ginger. I was amazed by the fact that fish actually cooked itself in the lemon juice acid and this recipe for “Ceviche” turned out to be very juicy, tender and flavorful. He also made “Sashimi” which was plain raw fish with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi paste for dipping, though I did not like that much, but everyone else enjoyed. At the end of the day everyone took a piece home to try their own recipe. I am posting a video of the Striped Bass disection I hope you guys find it informative.

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