Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marriam Shah

A Warm Welcome to my Fellows:

My name is Marriam Shah. I am from Karachi, Pakistan, I came to Boston 5 years ago and totally fell in love with the city. It reminds me of Karachi in so many ways, as it is also a coastal area. As kids I used to goto Sea View, Manora, French Beach and Sandspit these are the beaches located in the north of Arabian Sea. In summer we would always go for picnic to the beach, but my dad would not let us go for swimming in the salty sea because tides are usually higher at that time of the year. Instead we would do horseback riding or a camel ride which are one of the main attractions of sea side. At the end of the day we would just watch the sunset and collect sea shells or dine at the near sea food restaurants. In short, after coming to Boston I have found home away from home. So far, i have not been to any of the islands in Boston, but i am very excited about exploring the boston bay. Only last week I had a chance to go on the Boston Harbor cruise ( thanks to $12 Groupon for 90 min ride) but i can't wait for all the new experience this class is about to unfold.....
See u All on Friday!!

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