Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27th. We started the day in the classroom with a short midterm exam. We were asked to discuss the commentary on the Tragedy of the Commons and report our interpretations of it. After our brief classroom lesson Bruce informed the class that he had caught a behemoth of a Striper the night before and we would be continuing class in the Culinary School at BU.

Once Bruce opened the cooler I was immediately taken aback as to the size of the fish. I have caught many Striper's alongside the beaches of Cape Cod during my childhood and adolescence; however, I never recall catching one of that size nor have I payed close enough attention to the external features. The scales were very colorful and slimy. When taken off they had the shape of a guitar pick and were clear with a slight shiny hue. The fish had 2 large eyes and 8 fins. As we dissected and filleted the fish, I realized the delicate intricacies of the Bass. We opened up the belly of the fish to realize that his/her final meal must have been a crab. The striper had a whitish looking tongue rubbery lips. As we proceeded to dissect the fish, we began to puncture its organs as a yellow fluid came out that some identified as stomach bile.

After the dissection Bruce prepared a delicious ceviche in addition to some sashimi with wasabi and ginger. It tasted delicious. However, because I had such a long commute home after class, I was unable to bring the fish home to prepare. I look forward to the whale watch with all of you tomorrow. See you then!

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