Friday, July 22, 2011

Boston Harbor 7/22

First thing I noticed when going out on the boat was how clean the water was. Growing up in Boston I have never seen the water as clean as I did today. Surprisingly the water had a fresh smell to it. It didn’t smell rotten like it used to. I remember when I was younger going on field trips to Georges Island and always seeing numerous jellyfish and all sorts of stuff in the water. Today the Harbor looked very clean and I was very surprised I didn’t see any jelly fish. I thought it was Interesting how the Islands were spread out the way they were. The Islands looked like they were being well kept. There was one island that really stood out and that was the one that had all those trees, that was awesome. It was amazing how close hull was by boat. I noticed how much the Boston harbor has changed for the better! Overall I thought today was a good experience and we got to see some of the Islands in the Boston Harbor first hand.

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