Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whale watching

Of all the expeditions we went on as a class, whale watching was definitely the most exciting thing we did. When I saw my first ever whale I had an instant rush of adrenaline. To see such a fascinating animal in its marine habitat was a site for ages. This is definitely something that i will be exploring again. Both our professor and the crew was so knowledgeable about the animal and its habitat. I continued to learn various interesting facts throughout the whole ordeal.
In all the class exceeded all my expectations. I might add that my expectations were very high. We had such a passionate and advocate teacher of marine life, one can't help but to be pulled into the same mindset. Everyday was filled with various facts and prospectives on marine life. The class drew from so many sources that my knowledge seemed to grow by the minute. I am now very familiar with Bostons famous "Boston Harbor" and its marine life. This class took me to places I've never been and made me do things I've never done. I would like to thank my professor and classmates for a wonderful class/experience.

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