Thursday, August 5, 2010

If I were Peter...

Whether you are selfishly fishing for your next meal or justifying recreational fishing as a harmless sport, it is immoral and cruel. For this reason, I believe the federal ban should remain in place.

Like many animals, fish are loaded with an abundance of protein that our bodies need, and is low in cholesterol, but eating it would make you vulnerable to avoidable health problems. You could risk feeding your family contaminated fish or shellfish containing for example, mercury, PCB's, or arsenic that would make you susceptible to cancer, it could put your unborn child in jeopardy of slower mental development or you could even face death.

Fish, just like humans, feel pain. Imagine what it would feel like to sense danger, frantically try to escape it, but find yourself caught by a hook or net. Imagine being tortured before death when forced to die slowly by suffocation, or crushed, or even mutilated while alive. I ask that you protect innocent fish to the degree that you would a dog who is cherished to the extent that a human could be sentenced to prison if convicted of dogfighting.

If it were up to me, I would lift the ban on federal waters. I do not believe that recreational or commercial fishing is cruel, in fact I find it beneficial, and I hope that the "Peter's" in this world continue to not have a voice in the matter. Sports Fishing is something that I personally have no interest in being apart of or viewing but it is a known fact that it is a lucrative business, and lots of jobs have been created which is a plus. When it comes to commercial striped bass fishing, I am highly in favor of them doing there job to meet the demand. My primary reason behind this is simple, they catch and sell seafood (my favorite) that I can happily purchase in restaurants, and markets. I find myself killing two birds with one stone because not only am I eating food I enjoy, its flooded with the protein that my body needs.

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