Friday, August 6, 2010

The cooking of the stripe Part 1 - Matan Bareket

For our assignment on Thursday I had to represent the scientific side of the debate. It's kind of moot for Connecticut since it doesn't have real access to federal waters. However, as a scientist I would still be against lifting the ban as the addition of more fishing activities in federal water have the potential to disturb the current equilibrium.

Personally, I think the federal waters should be opened for bass fishing, it will allow fishermen who are already out in these waters fishing for fish that can be caught in federal water (if any?) to maximize profits by not having to discard parts of their catch.

We also dissected a striper, I have gutted and descaled a fish before, but never filled such a big fish, I'm really excited to go out there soon and catch one myself! For the homework assignment I met up with Hilary and we vlogged how we cooked the fish which i'll upload later for you all to see, basically we pan fried the fish with some lemon and pepper and made asparagus as a side.
If you watch the video you will see just how limited our tools were.

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