Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whale Watch!


Sadly, today was our last class of “ From Snails to Whales” with Bruce, but there was no better way to spend it than to experience a whale watch. Personally, I thought the whale watch was great field trip. Growing up on the coast for the entirety of my life, every time I am near the water I feel an instant sense of relaxation. I believe, there is no better way to know your surrounding’s than to fully experience them. The whale watch today was a perfect example. Everyone I am sure has had some exposure to whales whether through books or television, but you gain a completely different understanding when you can actually observe something up close. On the whale watch we were able to observe the humpback whale, Fin whale and Minke whale. Although there was minimal surface activity, it was thrilling to see how large and almost graceful whales are. It was great to be able to orient myself on different facets of the whale that I wouldn’t have gotten from another source.

At the end of the whale watch, the class was sent home with an assignment to dissect the issue of Whaling especially, Minke Whaling. Native Americas, as part of a long sustained cultural tradition, hunt the Minke Whales. This hunting does not affect the sustainability of the species and thus, the question is, is it right? From a rational perspective, if the species is sustainable there is nothing different about killing whales as there is fishing striped bass. Thus, as long as we have a responsible community it is perfectly fine.

Overall, I have greatly enjoyed this class. I felt excited and engaged throughout the whole experience and was able to have a little break from reality. I loved learning about Boston and its Harbor Islands and feel that I have learned to truly appreciate the environment I am surrounded by.

Ciao, Hilary

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