Thursday, August 5, 2010

Striped Bass - Maine Recreational Angler

I was assigned to act as a recreational angler from Maine. I was to look up the rules and regulations for maine and how I would respond to the question of whether or not I would want Federal waters opened up for fishing of Striped Bass.
In my research I found out that Maine does have strick laws for recreational anglers. Maine does not have Commercial fishing for Striped Bass. This leaves all of the striped bass fish that are allowed to be caught off of Maine's shores for the recreational fisherman. Maine's recreational fishers are very well organized, like the group "Striper's Forever" and attend meetings in other states that support keeping Commercial quota's down. They do not support opening Federal waters to any type of fishing. If Federal waters are opened up and quotas are not raised, which they would not be, then that would mean less fish for them.
Ansering this question as myself, I am not quite sure. The limits for recreational fisherman are already 1 fish per day. Having children that like to fish, I would not like to see only one of them get to catch a fish for the day and that is it. It wouldn't seem fair. I also see how the Commercial fisherman are already out in the Federal Waters so they would be able to increase their profits to feed their families if they could catch Striped Bass. I honestly can not make a firm decision one way or the other. I know that's not the answer you are looking for but I can understand how difficult it can be for a whole state to make a decision about this when I as one person am having a hard time.
Mary D

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