Friday, August 13, 2010

Spectacle Island the (Burial Ground)


Coming on to the dock:

5 senses test:


    Unlike the Lovells it was a wee bit more inviting

Sandy beaches, rocks were more by the low tide

More of manicure landscape

Less of wild landscape

More activity in the water unlike Georges island and Lovell's where it was on the island


Nothing in the air except the smell of the sea a salty


Was made of concrete nothing to rough


Just the taste of salt in the air

Nothing of taste or water


More of excitement of swimmers in the area

Lecture of the island:

Amazed at how it was so related the topic of the Tragedy of the Commons

Thought it did not seem to look as though the

Group Project:

Test Site #1 (Burial Ground )

    Location: 8Feet from tide

    Time: about 12:00


Abundance of the following shells


        Blue tinted






Left over :


Beach glass all kinds of tint


Test site # 2

Location: 1:00 pm (high tide coming)

Right near the water

Live animals:

    Less of the periwinkles

    More of the Blue tinted mussels

    Snap off shells

More rocks



Even though the effort to clean up from the use of it in the past the island was still filtering with left over items or pieces thereof. From afar the islands looks as though it was put together well , but when you look up close you can see plan was not all to successful. I am well aware that it took years to make it worse and then it will take more those put together to make it right again. It gives more substance to the tragedy of the commons and the preserving of our land.

P.S. Sorry it is late

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