Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spectacle Island Observations

The trip to Spectacle Island was interesting because of the many things we found as a class. I was specially intrigued by the older items found such as the porcelan doll hand and the leather soles among other items like the many colored glass which decorated the beach for a stretch.

Another point of interest were the rocks on one side and the sand on the other and to discover the sand was brought in to actually make a section of the beach for bathers.
Finally, we observed 2 transects and it was interesting that in a limited amount of sand space there could be such a variety of objects, animals and things to observe and acknowledge. Animals like a razor clam or blue muscles, or the remains thereof, in habitat with rocks that appeared to be iron ore and coal, along with many broken pieces of glass that in a weird way, embellesh the recovering island.
Our trip to Spectacle Island was somewhat of a dissapointment because when we were in the boat to come back to shore I found out through a couple of the classmates that Spectacle Island has the highest point on the Harbor and you can see a great stretch of Harbor from that point. I was dissapointed to not have taken advantage of that opportunity but the bright side is that I hope to do so in the near future.

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