Thursday, August 5, 2010

Striped Bass Fish-Discussion

In the discussion for today's class i take the pro commercial fisherman side. I feel as though the state constitution should lift the bar on fishing in federal waters. I think fishery's should just be managed a bit closer when doing so, as so with recreational fishing. Personally I feel as though Recreational fishing is self biased. Its more game oriented. While commercial fishing is done for profit or as a means to feed a household. One may argue that the fishes in recreational fishing is let back into its marine life, and i do agree. I just feel that these commercial fisherman only do this as a means for survival or income. All in all I think that someone against all animal violence would not agree with commercial or recreational fishing. But i do believe that one may agree with commercial if its used as a means for survival.
I would have loved to cook the striped bass that we examined in class earlier but my wonderful BU dorm does not have a full kitched so i am unable to cook the fish.

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