Thursday, August 5, 2010

Striped Bass

Striped Bass Fillet Before Cooking

Striped Bass Fillet After Cooking

Striped Bass Fillet Dinner with steamed Broccoli, YUMMY!!
I am going to focus my first blog about today just on my "filleting experience". This class has been an experience of each day trying to do something I have never done. I attempted to watch the filleting of the Striped Bass but, had a difficult time. The thing I did that I have never done before is that I did not get sick and did not faint.
What did I see while Prof Berman was filleting? The back of Murat and Alex. Talked with the other two people that did not enjoy watching this, I won't name any names. I think I was ok a bit with peeking at the cutting in the beginning. It was the sound effects that did it for me! That said, I brought a piece home and cooked it up. It was delicious! I didn't remember how it tasted so I wanted to taste it. I really do like fish, I just don't like to see what happens to it. I decided to share the recipe I found so anyone that wants to try it can. Just so you know, I didn't have any fresh Basil so I used a lot less of the dried Basil.
Remove skin and all dark meat, then place striper fillets in foil packet.
Drizzle with fresh lemon juice.
Lightly salt and pepper.
Sprinkle 1 tbls basil over striper fillets.
Seal packet tightly - cook at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes.
Cooking times will vary with thickness of fillets. Fish should flake easily.

Mary D

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