Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunburned on Spectacle Island - Matan Bareket

I learned a few things yesterday on Spectacle:

There is more than one examination method in science. Scientific observations doesn't necessarily mean, "Get down and dirty looking at an abundance of interesting things" (Micro) as we did on Lovells. It might mean "Look around and find an interesting spot in the big picture" (Macro). There are more than one, or even two, or probably five ways to conduct scientific observations, and science in general is not sitting in a lab looking through a microscope.

We read "The Tragedy Of The Commons" for class, which while I found it to be a flawed article, still delivers a few important points, and does it so well, politicians refer to this article when deciding on policies in the matter. In the end it doesn't matter how the point is delivered, but that it's a good point, a sort of "The end justifies the means" approach.

We should all be more accountable for our actions, especially the ones who hurt the commons, pollution for example, and we saw a good example of it today. It was a little sad going to this beautiful island, which most people unless told wont even know it's a big trashcan. And while families think it might be fun to look around for beach glass and wonder about every piece of ceramics, these families don't think about it being their old toilet or non recycled coke bottle. For me, this was part of the Tragedy.

One more point to make about the article, for all you current and would be parents, don't worry so much about overpopulation, but don't underestimate it. I don't have my ECON 102 book in front of me but I believe it was Malthus that predicted in his time that soon enough we wont be able to grow enough grain to sustain the growing populations. He was wrong. Technical knowledge made producing crops faster and more effective, and in the future probably more clean as the demand for clean food rises. A good example of this is Moore's law.

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