Friday, August 6, 2010

debate about striped bass

my name is Joseph and I'm representing my constituency of recreational fishers. The debate has been heated for some time and I'm trying to understand everyone's feelings towards this issue of fishing our coastal waters. it is such a treasured resource. With that being said I know we as the recreational fisherman have to show some sustainability to our resources that's why I feel we should split our quota in New Jersey with the commercial fishing industry. Something more equitable for everyone involved. As it stands now we get two fish and a bonus That's why I propose giving up our bonus to commercial fishing interests. It has to be regulated though. I think we should not look into trawling as a means of commercial fishing. Let cool heads prevail let's walk instead of run. I still don't feel we should open up the federal waters. We all know the fish do not know the difference but I feel it helps in the balance of things. We can watch how the fish grow and migrate. I also feel the current rules and regulations of not fishing where they spawn should stay. I know with constant communication on this subject with all concerned parties is essential in coming to a consensus. Here's hoping that our children's children can all see the natural beauty and resource that is all of ours for generations.
may we all de bait later in the season

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