Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 2 Post

The greek tailor sez to the greek who tore his pants. Euripedes? The greek replies, Eumenides? Well a heck of a day! The past two days. I was rendering a video and my computer basically blew up.

Here I am trying to catch up with two days of rocous fun and experimentation. I do mean fun and learning, I never had so much fun learning scientific methods. It's actually helped with my other papers I'm doing, (developing a hypothesis). Well back to day two at the Barking crab, this was definately a great time looking at brackish water on or rather under the docks of the Barking Crab. Group two was very prepared with numerous collection tools we were able to measure the depth, temperature, and various specimens underneath the dock with various tools we brought with us.

Our first stop was Long Wharf Marriott

where we observed at least two species of plant on the wall.

Our second stop on our trip along the walkway was at another wall where we did not observe much life growth on the wall and a hypothesis could be that the shade from the surrounding buildings was keeping it out.

Our next stop along our trip was at the Barking Crab. This is where we were able to gather specimens underneath the dock.

This will have to be continued on day 2 post cont. please look for it, thank you!

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